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Is your Vagina Depressed?

We all love those lovely ladies of Sex and The City and to be honest rather we want to admit it or not, many of their episodes can be very educational to say the least. If you watched it, there is an episode where Charlotte went to the doctor because her "vag was sad" and was diagnosed with *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* a depressed vagina. Now at the time I'm not sure if I was too young to let this sink in, or if I thought this was just absolutely absurd and made up, but last night after I attended an event and we discussed self care and mental health, I thought about this episode and began to do my research.

Now as funny as the thought of a depressed vagina is, its in fact a real thing! The condition is called Vulvodynia which causes chronic pain in the vulva area as well as the labia. According to studies it affects more than 200,000 women per year. Vulvodynia can be very had to diagnose because the vagina appears normal, however women may experience pain, itching,burning, rawness and irritation on the vulva which makes for painful sex and a very sensitive vagina.

The cause of vulvodynia is unknown however, many believe it’s related to psychological and lack of sex/companionship so patients diagnosed with it are given a small dose anti-depressant to treat it. It is not sexually transmitted so don't be afraid. If you have any of the symptoms, schedule an appointment with your OBGYN as soon as possible. According to doctors the best way to avoid this painful diagnosis is to have sex because it promotes collagen and elastin to help the blood flow in your lady bits. The best cure is to keep your kitty happy!

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